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Living Resources


Students should take care of insurance-related issues on their own.

The CLC strongly recommends students join overseas insurance or related insurance plan in their home countries.

Taiwanese National Health Insurance (NHI) is only eligible for foreigners who hold ARC and stay in Taiwan for consecutive 6 months to apply and join. Foreigners who have not joined NHI will need to pay full bills (which might cost a lot) if they see a doctor in Taiwan.

□ National Health Insurance (NHI) Qualification:

Those who have been staying in Taiwan for consecutive 6 months after they receive the ARC can apply for the National Health Insurance (you may leave Taiwan once for less than 30 days; and after excluding the days you are out of Taiwan, the days you stay in Taiwan shall be exactly 6 months in total).

New Taiwan Dollars

New Taiwan Dollars, abbreviated as TWD, is the currency unit in Taiwan.Approximate exchange rate: 1 USD≒30 TWD. The TWD notes in circulation are TWD2,000, TWD1,000, TWD500, and TWD100. TWD coins in circulation are TWD50, TWD10, TWD5, and TWD1.
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Feel free to bring credit cards, and a limited amount of cash (Traveler’s cheques are not recommended because most banks and stores do not take them). You can exchange a limited selection of foreign currencies at the post office at Kuang-Fu Campus.Additionally, cash may be withdrawn from ATMs located in most nearby convenience stores (please be mindful of your bank’s own overseas charges for this service). However, each bank has different daily withdrawal limit ranging from TWD8,000~20,000.You can find overseas remittance services at King’s Town Bank. Please note that you will be charged an additional fee and tax.


Living costs for one month in Tainan may range from TWD8,400~16,000 (USD280~533; for reference only)
The costs of some typical items in Tainan are listed below:
- Bus: TWD18 (NCKU to Anping)
- Train: TWD68~TWD106 (Tainan Train station to Kaohsiung Train Station)
- Restaurant meal: TWD200 or up; University Cafeteria meal: TWD65-100
- Stinky Tofu: TWD50 (famous national dish – try it!)
- Pearl Milk Teak: TWD50 or up
- Prices of food differ depending on where you dine.