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吳玫瑛 WU, Mei-Ying

Developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the CLC , Supervise the operation of CLC’s various activities , Plan and participate in the study tour , Cooperation between CLC and other domestic and international Chinese teaching organizations

陳淑玲 CHEN, Shu-Ling

Promote global cooperation,Conceive, organize and manage study tour programs,Cope with study tour student incidents

侯佳嘉 HOU, Jia-Jia

Scholarships ,Seasonal sessions ,Manage & maintain property ,Official document , Procurement

朱玟錚 ZHU, Wen-Zheng

TCSL Education Program (for NCKU Degree students)、TCSL Training Program (for Taiwanese citizens)、 Elective classes General Affairs

陳宜嬪 Chen, Yi-Pin

Official website management , New official website establish and development ,Online class system development

林青樺 LIN, Qing-Hua

Courses evaluations , Issue transcripts and completion of certificates , Issue visa extend related documents

鄭玟 Zheng, Wen

Mandarin Teaching Training Program for Mandarin Teachers in Thailand、 Cope with study tour student incidents

陳玫螢 CHEN, Mei-Ying

Arrange field trips and language activities , Free Chinese Courses for NCKU International Degree Students , Co-organize the TOCFL proficiency test

陳怡均 CHEN, Yi-Jyun

Study tours ,Assist in the arrangement of visiting foreign guests ,Cope with study tour student incidents

洪淑卿 HUNG, Shu-Ching

Study tours ,Assist in the arrangement of visiting foreign guests ,Cope with study tour student incidents

朱韻蓉 CHU, Yun-Jung

Accounting affairs, Payroll, Quarterly reports, Students affairs, General affairs

王思皓 WANG, Ssu-Hao

Taiwan Huayu Best Chinese Language Learning Scholarship, Students affairs, General affairs

楊紀騰 YANG, Ji-Teng

Study tours, Student Club (ISV) Students Affairs, Cope with study tour student incidents, General Affairs