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Seasonal Regular Class

The curriculum of CLC is designed based on practicality, interesting and interactive, with the goal of developing listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills. There are four sessions every year, and divide the classes into 10 levels. Students is able to strengthen their Chinese language skills from beginning to advanced within two years.

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icon A wide range of levels available
The CLC offers immersive courses at 9 levels from beginning to advanced (A-I). Students are required to take a placement test before each session begins and will be assigned to appropriate level class accordingly. We put emphasis on both language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and cross-cultural communication.
icon Small Group Class
Students are taught in small group classes, with 6 to 12 students in each class.
icon Individual Class
Besides group classes, the CLC also offers Individual Class. To meet students’ need, teaching methods and materials can be adjusted any time.
icon Elective classes
The CLC offers two categories of elective classes:
(1) Cultural Classes Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, etc.
(2) Language Classes: Pronunciation, Grammar, Conversation, Reading & Writing, etc.
icon Office Hour
From Monday to Friday, the CLC offers office hours for students. Students are welcome to go to the teacher on-duty to consult with class related questions.
icon Teaching Materials
According to students’ proficiency level and interest, a wide variety of textbooks and materials are used. For example, we use authentic materials like Chinese newspaper, radio and television programs. Besides, audio-visual multimedia materials are also used to make the class more interesting.
icon Extracurricular activities

To help students use the language beyond the classroom setting and have a deeper understanding about Chinese culture, the CLC holds language competitions, cultural excursions, and festival celebration activities every session.

Language competition: “Singing contest,” “You Speak I Guess,” “Tone Fun,” etc.

Cultural excursion: Tainan historical sites, Southern Branch of National Palace Museum, Lukang, Sun Moon Lake, etc.

Festival Celebration: Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

Others: Language exchange partner, farewell lunch party, etc.

Seasonal Regular Class
Course Dates
Small Group Class
Individual Class
Application Date
Class Hours
icon icon

Summer Session

TWD 29,200~

Course Dates2023.06.19~2023.08.25(10week)
Small Group ClassTWD 29,200 ≒ USD 973
Individual ClassNot Applicable
Application Date2023.05.01 (Note 1)
Class Hours15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Autumn Session

TWD 32,000~

Course Dates2023.09.11~2023.11.24(11week)
Small Group ClassTWD 32,000 ≒ USD 1,067
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Date2023.07.15 (Note 1)
Class Hours15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Winter Session

TWD 29,200~

Course Dates2023.12.11~2024.02.23(10week)
Small Group ClassTWD 29,200 ≒ USD 973
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Date2023.11.01 (Note 1)
Class Hours15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Spring Session

TWD 32,000~

Course Dates2024.03.11~2024.05.31(11week)
Small Group ClassTWD 32,000 ≒ USD 1,067
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Date2024.01.15 (Note 1)
Class Hours15 Hours/Week
Note 1: Due to current regulations regarding pandemics, the administration procedure would be time-consuming. Therefore, for those who need to apply for a visa for studying Chinese purposes, the deadline for application is 2 weeks ahead of the one mentioned on our website. E.g., Summer Session is Apr. 15; Autumn Session is Jun. 30; Winter Session is Oct. 15; Spring Session is Dec. 31. Late application is not acceptable.

Information may be adjusted according to the latest entry regulation.

Note arrow

1. For seasonal regular class, both small group classes and individual classes having 15 hours of class time per week and include 5 hours of elective courses. Students can select elective courses according to their language levels and interest. Each class is one or two hours per week, and we offer two categories of elective classes:
  (1) Cultural Classes: Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Taichi, etc.
  (2) Language Classes: Pronunciation, Reading & Writing, Conversation, Taiwanese Language, etc.
  * Please note that elective classes will be adjusted every session.
2. For the short-term session, students take 15 hours of class time per week, including 5 hours of elective courses.
3. Enrollment quotas are very limited. Applicants are advised to wait for an acceptance letter from the University before finalizing their travel plans in order to avoid possible loss.
4. All courses of instruction must be completed within a period of two years. Further extension is only granted to those who are engaged in specific studies with plans reviewed and approved by the University.

Charges arrow

1. Continuing and Returning Students who pay their tuition fees before/on the payment due date will get a 5% discount on tuition.
2. Enrollment Fee: Continuing students: TWD500, Non Continuing Students: TWD1,000.
3. Placement Test Fee: FREE (Beginner students do not need to take placement test).
4. Application dates for study tours are determined according to the starting date of the course. Please contact the office for a quote.

Tuition & Fees Refund arrow

1. Applicants who file the request of refund before the quarter begins will get 90% of the payment.
2. Applicants who file the request of refund within one third of the quarter will get 50% of the payment. Refunds are not permitted beyond one third of the term.
3. Miscellaneous fees, including the application fee, are not refundable.
4. Applicants should submit the following documents: (1) the original copy of the payment proof; (2) the Student ID Card; (3) a photo copy of the applicant’s bank account passbook cover; and (4) R.O.C ID Number or ARC Number.
5. The administrative procedure of refunding will take at least one month.
6. Admitted students who have made the payment but cannot complete the course for any reason can apply for refunds based on the Regulation for Extension Institution of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.