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- 言語コンテスト:中国語カラオケ大会、謎解き、声調で遊ぼうなど

- 旅行:台南の古跡巡り、故宮南院、彰化鹿港、南投日月潭、屏東三地門など

- 祝祭日文化:春節、元宵の謎掛け、端午の節句、中秋、国連中国語デーなど

- 生活密着イベント:クラスの期末食事会、教育実習や学友との交流など

2024 シーズンズクラス
Course Dates
Small Group Class
Individual Class
Application Deadline
Payment Deadline
Class Hours
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Winter Quarter

TWD 29,200~

Course Dates2023.12.11~2024.02.23(10week)
Small Group ClassTWD 29,200 ≒ USD 973
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Deadline2023.11.01
Payment Deadline2023.10.01~2023.11.20
Class Hours 15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Spring Quarter

TWD 32,000~

Course Dates2024.03.11~2024.05.31(11week)
Small Group ClassTWD 32,000 ≒ USD 1,067
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Deadline2024.01.15
Payment Deadline2023.12.15~2024.02.04
Class Hours 15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Summer Quarter

TWD 29,200~

Course Dates2024.06.17~2024.08.23(10week)
Small Group ClassTWD 29,200 ≒ USD 973
Individual ClassNot Applicable
Application Deadline2024.05.01
Payment Deadline2024.04.01~2024.05.22
Class Hours 15 Hours/Week
icon icon

Autumn Quarter

TWD 32,000~

Course Dates2024.09.09~2024.11.22(11week)
Small Group ClassTWD 32,000 ≒USD 1,067
Individual ClassTWD 78,000 ≒ USD 2,600
Application Deadline2024.07.15
Payment Deadline2024.06.15~2024.08.04
Class Hours 15 Hours/Week


1. USD 1.00≒TWD 30.00± (Exact number will vary based on the rate of exchange at the time of enrollment.)

2. Individual Classes in Summer Quarter and Summer Short-term Sessions are only open for Spring one-on-one continuing students to apply.

Note arrow

1. For both small group classes and individual classes, the 15 hours of class time per week include 5 hours of elective courses. Students enroll in the courses according to their level and interests. Each course last one to two hours per week, and we offer two categories of elective classes:
  (1) Language Classes: Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading & Writing, Taiwanese...etc.
  (2) Cultural Classes: Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Tai Chi...etc.
  * Please note that elective classes will be adjusted every Quarter.
2. The Admission letter will be issued by the CLC after receiving the applicant’s enrollment fee. Applicants are strongly advised to finalize their travel plans after receiving the Admission letter.
3. All courses of instruction must be completed within a period of two years. Further extension is only granted to those who are engaged in specific studies with plans reviewed and approved by the University.

Charges arrow

1. Continuing and Returning Students who pay their tuition fees before/on the payment due date will get a 5% discount on tuition.
2. Enrollment Fee: Continuing students: TWD500, Non Continuing Students: TWD1,000.
3. The information mentioned above is for Seasonal classes. For information about other course types (e.g. Study Group), please contact the CLC directly.

Tuition & Fees Refund arrow

1. Applicants who file the request of refund before the quarter begins will get 90% of the payment.
2. Applicants who file the request of refund within one third of the quarter will get 50% of the payment. Refunds are not permitted beyond one third of the term.
3. Miscellaneous fees, including the application fee, are not refundable.
4. Applicants should submit the following documents: (1) the original copy of the payment proof; (2) the Student ID Card; (3) a photo copy of the applicant’s bank account passbook cover; and (4) R.O.C ID Number or ARC Number.
5. The administrative procedure of refunding will take at least one month.
6. Admitted students who have made the payment but cannot complete the course for any reason can apply for refunds based on the Regulation for Extension Institution of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.