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2022/06/14 課程
2022年7月至2022年12月 普通獎學金受獎名單


Five students will receive the General Scholarship for 6 months (from July 2022 to December 2022).


1st     渡邊○○





國立成功大學文學院華語中心外國學生一般獎學金受獎規定 Regulations for NCKU CLC General Scholarship Recipients


A.       一般獎學金受獎學生須遵守上課規定,每月缺席時數不得超過6小時,季班總成績需在85分以上。

All the scholarship recipients must not be absent for more than 6 class hours per month. The scholarship recipients’ grade average of the quarter must be above 85 percent.


B.        受獎累計以二次為限。

This scholarship is limited to be awarded twice during the study period at this Center.


C.       有下列情形之一者,停發一個月獎學金:

The scholarship will be suspended for one month if any of the following circumstances happens.

1.    單月缺課逾六小時以上。因重大疾病或特殊事故缺席者,得檢具事證供審核。

Being absent for more than 6 class hours per month. Those who are absent due to major illnesses or special accidents have to provide evidence for examination

2.    學習表現或學習態度不佳,如成績不良、作業缺交、缺考等。

Poor academic performance or learning attitude, such as poor grades, missing handing in homework or absent from exams, etc.


D.       有下列情形之一者,註銷其受獎資格:

The scholarship will be revoked if any of the following circumstances happens.

1.    受獎期間曠課時數超過該季班15%

Miss more than 15% of the class hours of one quarter.

2.    季班總成績未達八十五分。

The grade average of the quarter is less than 85 percent.

3.    行為表現不良,導致本中心名譽受損者。

Those who misbehave and the reputation of the center is blemished by this.

4.    受獎資格經註銷,即由備取者代之。

If the scholarship is revoked during this time, the runners-up (according to the ranking) will receive the remaining scholarship.


E.        上述受獎學生請於2022625日(三)之前將郵局存摺封面影本及統一證號/居留證影本(擇一)交至辦公室。

The scholarship recipients have to hand in the photocopy of cover of the passbook of post office account and UI number (or ARC) to the office before June 25, 2022.