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The following information on visas is for reference only. For further details or updated information on visa regulations, please contact the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency, or visit and call the life advisory service hotline for foreigners in Taiwan: 0800-024-111. Please be sure you understand the rules and regulations regarding visas before you leave your country.

1.Visa Types

1. Landing Visa / Visa- Exemption (Enter Taiwan with passport only):

The duration of stay starts from the next day of arrival and is not extendable. Visitors must leave Taiwan before the expiration date. It is not able to convert the original Visa into a Visitor Visa (Purpose of studying Chinese) in Taiwan.

2. Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese): 

With the admission letter issued by NCKU CLC and other required documents, students can apply for a Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese) at a nearby R.O.C. embassy, consulate, or representative agency before coming to Taiwan. There are two types of Visitor Visa: "Extendable" and "Non-extendable".

■ Extendable Visitor Visa: Should be extended before expires (60/90 days) and the maximum duration of stay will be 180 days.

■ Non-extendable Visitor Visa: Extensions are not available. Students must leave Taiwan to obtain a new Visa if expires.

※If students first enter Taiwan with a "Single Entry Permit", upon leaving Taiwan, they must apply for a new Visa before entering Taiwan.

※Those whose Visas have expired must leave Taiwan to apply for a new Visa. Extensions are not allowed in Taiwan.

3. Resident Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese):

Students who enter Taiwan with a Resident Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese) should apply for ARC online within 30 days after arrival.

List of R.O.C. Embassies and Missions Abroad:

For more Visa information: 

2. Visa Extend- Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese)

Students who enter Taiwan with a 60/90 days Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese) and with no such remark as " no extension" may apply for extensions at the local Immigration Agency. The maximum duration of stay will be 180 days. 

List of Service Center of Immigration Agency:

To extend the Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese), students must be currently studying Chinese full-time at CLC to obtain the necessary documents. 

Required documents for extension: 

1. Multiple-Purpose Application Form for Foreigners: 

2. Enrollment Certificate & Attendance Record: Apply at the CLC Office

3. Valid Passport

4. CLC Students Identification Card (with Registration Stamp)

5. Proof of Payment for the future quarter enrollment at CLC (if necessary)

3. Apply for ARC (Purpose of Studying Chinese)

  • CLC students who hold Visitor Visa (Purpose of Studying Chinese) may apply for the ARC (Purpose of Studying Chinese) if they: 

    1. Have continuously studied at the CLC for 4 months

    2. Maintain a good attendance record

    3. Intend to continue studying at the CLC for another 3 months

  • 1. Enrollment Certificate & Attendance Record (attendance record should be over 75%): apply at the CLC Office

    2. Health Certificate (issued within 3 months)

    3. Valid Passport

    4. Color Passport-Size Photo

    5. Proof of Payment for the future quarter(s) enrollment at CLC

    6. Proof of Accommodation (e.g. rental or lease agreement)

    7. Others (if necessary)

The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the Immigration Agency's website for the latest information before applying:

※The information posted on the CLC's website is for reference only. Please refer to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Missions Abroad, or the Immigration Agency for the latest information.