Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS)

On the CLS Program, two levels of Chinese instruction are available: intermediate, which requires a minimum of two academic years of college-level Mandarin Chinese or its equivalent, and advanced, which requires a minimum of three academic years of college-level Mandarin Chinese or its equivalent. The CLS Program in Tainan, specifically, provides an intensive 8-week language-learning environment designed to cover the equivalent of one academic year of university-level Chinese study. Students receive a minimum of 20 hours per week of classroom instruction hosted at National Cheng Kung University. Additionally, students meet with a language partner several hours each week to practice language skills and engage in learning outside the classroom with native speakers. On weekends, students in Tainan participate in a variety of excursions to explore the rich culture and history of their host city and surrounding areas.

CLS participants are housed with local host families in Tainan, who give them an opportunity to experience life in a local family and further increase their language skills and deepen their understanding of the local culture.

To further develop students’ language proficiency, the CLS Program in Tainan incorporates a language policy that requires scholarship recipients to speak only Chinese during all program activities and with one another, all staff, language partners, and host families.